Lay-By a Bed
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You Can Lay-By a Bed at Bedworld

Have you heard you can lay-by a bed at Bedworld over 4 months, interest free?!


Why Lay-By a Bed?

Sometimes you don’t have the cash to buy a bed upfront and that’s when lay-by is a great option.  Our top 3 reasons to choose this options are:

  • It’s affordable to buy over a few months
  • You get your bed interest free
  • You get the best price now so you don’t pay more later


How does lay-by work at Bedworld

It’s simple to buy using lay-by at Bedworld and it works like this:

  1. The price of your bed (+ delivery if required) is divided into 4 equal payments
  2. A due date for final payment is agreed
  3. You pay the deposit with your order
  4. Pay your 3 instalments using your unique reference number
  5. Once paid in full, your bed will be delivered (or you can collect if you choose)


How to make it happen?

You can arrange your lay-by agreement at Bedworld in one of the following ways:

  1. Ask in store (you can find directions to our branches here)
  2. Phone us on 011-791 4254 and speak to a salesperson
  3. Email us at and we’ll contact you
  4. Speak to us on live chat on


And the small print?

Our Ts&Cs are simple and easy to understand. They are:

  1. Payments can be made in store, or remotely by EFT
  2. Use your unique reference number for each payment
  3. Your pro-forma invoice will be updated with each payment, and a tax invoice will be provided once paid in full.
  4. Delivery/Collection will be 7 days after final payment is received
  5. For Delivery/Collection on the same day as final payment, let us know 7 days before payment to make sure the stock is ready
  6. You can pay in less time if you choose
  7. Final payment is required by the agreed due date
  8. Taking longer than 4 months will incur a 10% fee
  9. Cancellation is needed in writing to and 10% on monies received will be charged with cancellation


It’s easy to lay-by a bed at Bedworld. A comfortable bed will make all the difference to your sleep so don’t delay. Contact us to arrange a bed by lay-by today.