Top 2020 Sellers


Bamboo Pillowtop Single Set

R2,999.00 R1,999.00

Bamboo Pillowtop 3/4 Set

R3,399.00 R2,299.00

Bamboo Pillowtop Double Set

R3,799.00 R2,999.00

Bamboo Deluxe Double Set

R4,999.00 R3,499.00

Bamboo Comfort Queen Set

R4,999.00 R3,499.00

Vito Double Set

R4,999.00 R3,599.00

Onyx Queen Set

R4,999.00 R3,999.00

Bamboo Deluxe King Set

R6,499.00 R4,999.00

Macquire Queen Set

R6,999.00 R4,999.00

Airsprung Queen XL Set

R6,999.00 R5,499.00

Ruby Anniversary Queen Set

R6,999.00 R5,999.00

Bamboo Comfort King Set

R7,999.00 R5,999.00

Orthopedic Dual Comfort Queen Set

R6,999.00 R5,999.00

Blue 50th Anniversary Edition Queen Set

R7,699.00 R6,499.00

Airsprung King XL Set

R9,499.00 R7,499.00

Mayfair Queen Set

R9,999.00 R7,999.00

Blue 50th Anniversary Edition King XL Set

R10,699.00 R8,699.00

Ascot “Dundee” King Set

R12,999.00 R9,999.00

Deluxe King Set

R12,999.00 R10,999.00

Cloud Nine Royal Comfort King XL Set

R12,999.00 R10,999.00

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How Much You Weigh – Is it Important?

How much you weigh is a sensitive topic because we make a big deal about it in today's society. It shouldn't be relevant to anyone else but you. But whether you love your curves just as they are, or you are on the lookout for ways to shed those kilograms, there is one place where how much you weigh does matter.  And that is with the mattress you choose. Here is why it's important. 1. You need the right support A mattress is designed to support a certain weight.  This affects how...
buy beds online in lockdown
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Buy Beds Online During Lockdown

When you buy beds online during lockdown you can minimise your contact with others.  Keeping home as much as possible is important at this time.  For this reason we recommend that you purchase in our online store. Need help to choose online? We have live chat on our website and our consultants are ready to help.  You may have a question about a particular bed, or need a recommendation.  At Bedworld we know beds.  We can help you make the right choice for your preference and your budget.  This makes it...
Good Value Beds
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Need Good Value Beds?

Sound Asleep Technology produces good value beds.  They make these beds well and they have great features.  Most importantly they are comfortable. Sound Asleep believes in the concept "Healthy Sleep, Healthy Attitude".  Their mission is to provide you with a bed that will help you get your best night's sleep.  They have been operating for more that 27 years and have perfected the art of making a comfortable bed.   What Makes Them Good Value Beds? There are a few things that make these products good value beds.  They include: Price.  You get...