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Why I must have a mattress protector

There are 4 key reasons why a mattress protector is a necessity:

  1. If your mattress is stained your warranty is void

If your mattress is stained then the warranty on your bed is void.   The manufacturer will no longer repair or replace your mattress as part of your warranty, even if the fault is unrelated to the stain. This means it is imperative to keep your mattress stain free.

  1. A mattress protector keeps your mattress clean

You may go to bed freshly showered every evening, but this does not mean your mattress is staying clean. When you perspire at night, this moisture passes through the sheet and onto the top layer of the mattress. Your tears and your saliva can find their way through the sheet, likewise blood and other fluids. All of these things can be kept from the surface of the mattress by using a mattress protector.

  1. A mattress protector helps prevent dust mite allergies

Dust mites thrive on dead skin cells. Your skin sloughs off dead cells all of the time. With a mattress protector, these can be cleaned off regularly and dust mites will not accumulate. Dust mite allergies are common and typical symptoms are sneezing, streaming eyes and a runny nose. Using a mattress protector can prevent these.

  1. A mattress protector will keep the mattress feeling new 

 The fabric and comfort layers of your mattress will be kept dry with a mattress protector. The biggest cause of deterioration in foam is moisture. The foam layers will keep their comfort and will last longer. The fabric will keep looking fresh and new.

If you don’t have a mattress protector, you should consider buying one immediately.

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How hard should my mattress be?

It is a common misconception that a hard mattress is better for you.  All of the mattresses supplied by Bedworld offer support, so choose the mattress that you feel you can fall asleep on.  Don’t go too hard or too soft.

What size bed should i choose?

Always choose the biggest bed possible. This means that it must fit in your bedroom and it should be the best you can afford. For an ideal night’s sleep, you need as much space as possible. And if you are sharing a bed with a partner, there needs to be enough space for both of you.

Double sided or No Turn Mattress - what's the difference?

Double Sided- this type of mattress has comfort layers on both sides of the mattress.  You can sleep on either side. It must be turned regularly. A double sided mattress will last longer.  Hotels prefer double sided mattresses.

No Turn design – this type of mattress only has comfort layers on one side of the bed. It is more convenient as it is not turned.  It often feels more plush than a double sided mattress.

To learn more about the difference and see what is best for you, click here.

Does Bedworld offer guarantees?

All of the beds supplied by Bedworld offer guarantees and warrantees directly from the manufacturer.    Bedworld only uses suppliers that have a proven track record for satisfactorily resolving complaints arising from manufacturing faults.  In the event of a manufacturing fault, Bedworld will facilitate a claim with the supplier.  Your proof of purchase is required for your guarantee and warranty.

Where can i see the beds in real life before i decide?

Bedworld Online has a mega showroom in Randburg where you can lie on a bed and see if it is right for you.  The address of the showrooms is available here.

Does Bedworld sell top brands?

Yes, Bedworld sells leading Brands including Serta, Cloud Nine, Restonic, Henwood, Bamboo Beds, Rest Assured, Bed Lab and others.  Our Bamboo Beds range offers great quality and best value in its price range.

Does Bedworld Deliver?

We deliver in Gauteng for a flat rate of R300 and offer free delivery in Gauteng on purchases over R4999.

Request a quote for a no-obligation quote for delivery to all other areas.

Once an order has been placed and payment has been received, our warehouse will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date and time window.

How does payment work?

Bedworld offers secure online payments through the Payfast payment network.  With Payfast you can pay by Instant EFT, Mastercard, Masterpass, Visa, PayD and mobicred.

Mobicred is an online credit facility that gives you 12 months to pay.  You can learn more about mobicred here.

If you prefer, you can pay by EFT directly from your own account.  When you place an order online you will receive an invoice with Bedworld’s banking details and a payment reference.  You can use this reference when paying from your account.

In our Bedworld showrooms EFT, credit card and cash payments are accepted.

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