Pay with your RCS Card

Accepted Store Cards

Bedworld Support: 011 791 4254 •

The following store cards can be used to pay with PayFast:

  • RCS Store Card
  • Game Mystore Card
  • Makro Credit
  • Builders Store Credit
  • Cape Union Mart Group Card
  • Keedo Store Card
  • Old Khaki Store Card
  • Poetry Store Card
  • Tread+Miller Store Card
  • VIP Store Card
  • CTM Store Card
  • Contempo Store Card
  • Supa Quick Store Card
Pay with your RCS Card

If you want to buy directly online, you can select Payfast as your payment method, and then select RCS as your payment type. The system will take you through the easy steps using your payment credentials.

Prefer to shop in store?

If you prefer to come into the store and see the products first, you can pay in store using a Payfast link.  We will generate a secure Payfast link for you, directly from the secure Payfast site.  Payfast will send you an email  and you can use your card to pay with the link provided whilst in store. Simple!

Apply for a RCS Card