Comfort Rating

Explaining Comfort Levels Used By Bedworld

A mattress is designed with an inner core that supports the body. It can be springs, pocket springs, or specialty foam. The comfort layers sit on top of the core and determine how the mattress feels. This is for personal preference. To show the difference in feel, we use the following rating scale.

Comfort Level

Extra Firm

This is for those that like a bed to be hard. There is very little give with an Extra Firm mattress. It is too hard for many people. It keeps the body in proper alignment if you sleep on your stomach, but you must like a hard bed.


This mattress has a FIRM feel, with only a little give. If you like your bed to be a quite hard, this is for you. It is popular with those that like to sleep on their back or stomach.

Medium Firm

This level of comfort offers a good balance of feeling supportive but with some softness. Most people like how a medium firm mattress feels. For this reason hotels and guest houses normally choose mattresses with this level of firmness. It accommodates many sleep positions – it is comfortable for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. 


This has a soft ‘pillowy’ feel, like you are sinking into the mattress. If you like the feeling of being cushioned, this is for you. Some will find it too soft, and it tends to get flattened out by heavier persons, so it does not suit all. It is comfortable for side sleepers and some back sleepers. If you sleep on our stomach, this bed will be too soft for you.