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Platinum Deluxe Single Mattress

R1,799.00 R1,399.00

Bamboo Dreams Pillowtop Single Mattress

R2,399.00 R1,499.00

Platinum Deluxe 3/4 Mattress

R2,199.00 R1,599.00

Bamboo Dreams Pillowtop 3/4 Mattress

R2,699.00 R1,799.00

Platinum Deluxe Single Set

R2,299.00 R1,799.00

Bamboo Dreams Pillowtop Single Set

R2,999.00 R1,999.00

Platinum Deluxe 3/4 Set

R2,599.00 R1,999.00

Platinum Deluxe Double Mattress

R2,599.00 R1,999.00

Platinum Deluxe Queen Mattress

R2,799.00 R2,199.00

Bamboo Dreams Pillowtop 3/4 Set

R3,399.00 R2,299.00

Bamboo Dreams Pillowtop Double Mattress

R3,199.00 R2,299.00

Bamboo Dreams Pillowtop Queen Mattress

R3,499.00 R2,499.00

Deluxe CM Double Mattress

R2,799.00 R2,499.00

Platinum Deluxe Double Set

R3,199.00 R2,599.00

Dreamquilt Deluxe Single Set

R3,499.00 R2,799.00

Platinum Deluxe Queen Set

R3,599.00 R2,799.00

Delight CM Double Mattress

R4,141.00 R2,899.00

Dreamquilt Deluxe 3/4 Set

R3,699.00 R2,999.00

Onyx Queen Set

R4,599.00 R2,999.00

Bamboo Dreams Pillowtop Double Set

R3,999.00 R2,999.00

Bamboo Dreams Pillowtop Queen Set

R4,599.00 R3,199.00

Delight CM Queen Mattress

R4,570.00 R3,199.00

Elegance Double Mattress

R3,799.00 R3,299.00

Blue 50th Single Mattress

R3,899.00 R3,399.00

Delight CM Double Set

R4,999.00 R3,499.00

Dreamquilt Deluxe Double Set

R4,299.00 R3,699.00

Elegance Queen Mattress

R4,199.00 R3,699.00

Hospitality Foam Double Mattress

R4,699.00 R3,699.00

Delight CM Queen Set

R5,429.00 R3,799.00

Dreamquilt Deluxe Queen Set

R4,699.00 R3,999.00

Blue 50th 3/4 Mattress

R4,499.00 R3,999.00

Elegance Double Set

R4,599.00 R3,999.00

Hospitality Foam Queen Mattress

R5,099.00 R4,099.00

Blue 50th Single Set


Elegance Queen Set

R5,199.00 R4,499.00

Hospitality Foam Double Set

R5,999.00 R4,499.00

Hospitality Foam Queen XL Mattress

R5,899.00 R4,499.00

Combo: Single Storage Base and Delight CM

R4,998.00 R4,499.00

Bundle: Double Elegance

R4,947.00 R4,499.00

Combo: Single Storage Base and Dreamquilt Deluxe

R4,798.00 R4,499.00