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Your bed and International Dog Day

Your bed and International Dog Day? What could be the connection?

Well, it got me thinking…

Co-sleeping with your dog

Co-sleeping with your dog has shown to have many benefits, for both you and your pet. It can be very comforting to have your dog in your bedroom. Dogs tend to be light sleepers, and more alert, and that can make you feel safe and protected.

Dogs are wonderful companions. They are loyal and loving, and have earned the title of a “man’s best friend”. When you allow them to sleep in your room you get to spend more time with them, and can deepen your bond.

There are some reasons why experts in the past have discouraged co-sleeping with your dog. It is possible to transmit disease from person to dog, and vice versa, but this is very rare. A dog also has a different sleep cycle to a human, and this can be disturbing to your sleep. Some have suggested it can lead to behavioural problems, but more often there is an underlying problem not related to the practice of co-sleeping.

On the whole the benefits outweigh the negatives. So if you are one of those that love to have your dog with you in the bedroom you should do so with confidence.

Which bed is best when your pooch sleeps on your bed?

There are many beds available.  The one you choose can make a difference to your quality of sleep when your dog co-sleeps with you.

Firstly, size counts! If you have a miniature toy pom that cuddles up on your pillow, it may not be so important. But when your pet is bigger, you need more room. And if she’s a 40kg Labrador you need as much space as possible! A king size mattress will give you that extra space, especially if it is an extra length bed. Those extra 12cm at the bottom of the bed can make all the difference.

Choose a product that minimises the transfer of partner movement. For example all beds in the Cloud Nine range are manufactured from specialist foam. Zero partner movement is one of their premium features. A bed such as the Epic Comfort would provide both you and your pet with a great night’s sleep.

A pocketed spring bed is another sleep system designed to reduce partner movement. The Green Coil Cashmere Forest is a turn free mattress with blue gel memory foam and latex cushioning. The pocketed springs minimise movement on the bed – perfect for you and your pet.

So next time you need a new bed, remember to think of your fur baby too. Happy International Dog Day!

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