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Cloud Nine

Why we sell Cloud Nines with original bases

At Bedworld you get a genuine Cloud Nine base when you order a Cloud Nine set.

This seems obvious so why do we have to tell you? When you buy a Cloud Nine from another retailer, frequently it will be sold with a house-brand base. It might make the set a little cheaper, but is the small discount worth it?

Why Choose A Cloud Nine Base?

A Cloud Nine mattress is made from speciality foam and requires a strong and supportive base.  The original base is  therefore designed to accommodate this, and it has more slats to provide strength.

Other bases may not be made to this specification and give improper support to the mattress.  The result is that the mattress will not perform as designed, and could even damage the mattress.

70% of the complaints received on Cloud Nine mattresses can be attributed to one cause: an inferior base.  This could impact the guarantee and warranty on your bed.

Bedworld sells the genuine Cloud Nine Universal Base in grey fabric in Cloud Nine Sets.

At Bedworld we do have our own quality bases that we are proud of and sell with confidence.  We prefer to not mess with the Cloud Nine Set though as it is the perfect combination.

Why choose a Cloud Nine?

This Brand is much loved in South Africa and has stood the test of time.  It recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary with the special edition Blue 50th Limited Edition bed (available here).

Cloud Nine beds:

  • Are ideal for people with aching backs and joints
  • Provide perfect sleeping posture support
  • Produce zero movement transfer between sleeping partners
  • Have no moving parts, means no noise and disturbance-free sleep
  • Are non-toxic, hygienic & 100% allergy free
  • Approved by SABS and Chiropractic Association of SA

Cloud Nine at Bedworld

We offer a full range of Cloud Nine beds, and these are available online HERE and in store.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us help you on Live Chat.

Our salesline is available from 8am to 8pm if you would prefer to talk to someone – call us on 011-826 3359.