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Why all the hype about a foam mattress?

A foam mattress is not what it used to be. When I was growing up a foam mattress meant that it was cheap; it was hot to sleep on; you sank into the middle because it gave such little support; or it was rock hard. “Foam mattress” meant a budget-buy. It is what you put on your bunk bed.

Whilst it is still possible to buy a foam mattress like that, the modern quality foam bed is something different. It is a premium product and the mattress of choice for many a discerning buyer.

So what makes a quality foam bed something special? Here are 4 of its key features:

1. There is no transfer of movement on a foam bed

A foam bed has no moving parts. This makes it the only true “no movement” bed. On a foam bed you do not feel it when your partner moves.

2. Foam can take a heavier weight

A good quality foam bed can take heavier weights than other beds. In some brands and models it is designed for people up to 150kgs.   If a heavier person sleeps on a mattress not designed to take their weight, the mattress will not supply them with the support they need. It will also not last long.

3. A foam mattress breathes

The modern foam bed is not hot to sleep on. The mattress is designed to breathe, and it is cool to sleep on.

4. Foam provides you with head-to-toe support

A foam mattress conforms to your body, providing you with the support you need. This support is present throughout the mattress, not only in key areas. It will, of course, provide you with the support you need in key pressure areas.


Foam beds can be made from different types of foam. The most common are memory foam and latex, and some beds are made from a mixture of the two.

  • Latex is very heavy-duty foam. It is durable and lasts very well. Latex breathes well and is comfortable to sleep on. Latex has a firmer feel and, while it will conform to the shape of your body, you will not sink into latex the way you do with memory foam.
  • Memory foam is therapeutic. It’s what gives you that floating, cloud-like feeling when you lie on a bed. It conforms to the shape of your body and can be described as cradling the body. Memory foam provides firm support and comfort.


A solid foam mattress will have a stability core made of high-density foam and layers of foam for cushioning. This makes it extremely durable and able to carry heavier weights.

In the manufacture of today’s beds, all beds use foam for cushioning. Spring mattresses are often reinforced with foam between the springs and also have foam for the cushioning layers.

The next time you buy a bed, remember that a foam mattress is a premium product and could be just what you are looking for. Cloud Nine and Genessi manufacture foam beds of the highest quality and are supplied by Bedworld. Call Bedworld on 011-791 4254 today for expert advice on which is the ideal bed for you.