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Why invest in a Rest Assured bed?

At the heart of the Rest Assured brand you will find two qualities, namely comfort and trust. Rest Assured endeavours to create beds that are truly comfortable. They have a solid spring construction and comfort layers to support your body. A Rest Assured bed is designed to give you a good night’s rest.

When it comes to trust, Rest Assured manufactures most of the components used in the construction of their beds. In this way they can guarantee that your bed is made to the highest standards. Providing a positive customer experience in all aspects related to their products is very important to Rest Assured.

Manufacture of the Rest Assured bed

Rest Assured has been manufacturing beds in South Africa since 1979. They began operations in the Western Cape and expanded with ultramodern plants in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. Rest Assured manufactures the foam used in their products, under the name Strandfoam; Flamboyant Bedding manufactures their three spring units and coir pads; Strandbox makes their wooden bases; and the damask and knitted ticking used in all Rest Assured products is made by Lautex.

Rest Assured design

Rest Assured beds are designed to distribute a persons weight across the whole the bed. This is done through their spring system. The result is that a Rest Assured mattress doesn’t exert pressure at the contact points of the body. The luxurious foam layers provide comfort and support and guarantee a good night’s rest.

The Bedworld Range

Bedworld carries a number of beds in the Rest Assured range. On offer on the Bedworld website we have featured our three top sellers. These are the Eikendal, the St Andrews, and the Birkenhead.

If you have less to spend but you are looking for excellent value, the Eikendal is a great value main bedroom chiropractic bed.  It is from Rest Assured’s Matrix Continuous coil collection.  These beds are ultra-tough spring units with 150% more working coils that work in parallel with each other to create stronger, more durable sleeping surfaces and increased pressure distribution.  The Eikendal is a no-turn mattress and is chiropractic endorsed.  It is designed for persons up to 90kg and provides Medium-Firm comfort.

The St Andrews is a premium range pocket bed with blue gel memory foam.  It is from Rest Assured’s Evolution Pocket Spring range and has a Euro Rail top with Blue Gel Memory Foam.  These mattresses are made with heat-tempered, individually wrapped pocket springs.  This ensures they make no noise. They also provide optimal support and comfort by moulding to the contours of your body. The ultra-tough Pocket Spring unit provides perfect sleeping postures and zero movement transfer.  This double-sided mattress provides dual sleeping surfaces.  The edges are reinforced to ensure that there is no sagging, delivering the largest sleeping surface possible. The St Andrews is made for persons up to 120kgs and has a Luxury-Medium comfort.

The Birkenhead  is a luxury Box-Top and is top of the Rest Assured range. This no turn mattress has 50% more working coils, making it a heavy-duty bed that offers superior support.  The pocket springs mould to the contours of your body for comfort for the perfect sleeping posture.  Perimeter support ensures there is no sagging of the mattress at the edges and this provides a larger sleeping surface.  The Box-Top is made from Blue Gel memory foam which provides a cooler sleeping surface and a luxurious feel.  The Birkenhead is designed for persons up to 145kg and it has a Plush Comfort.

For more information on these beds or other Rest Assured models not listed, please contact us. We are sure we can help you.