Black Friday

Where does Black Friday come from?

It’s getting a lot of press lately but where does Black Friday come from?  At Bedworld we got really curious about Black Friday and we thought we’d share what we found out.  What exactly is it?


Where does Black Friday come from?

Black Friday has its origins in America. With globalisation and acculturation, it has now spread to other parts of the world.  It is the Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday in America. Traditionally it marks the day that the Christmas shopping season begins.

In 2016 Black Friday falls on this Friday, the 25th November and that’s why you’ll be seeing a lot about Black Friday this week.


But why is it called Black Friday?

There are many fanciful theories about how the term came into use.  One debunked tale suggests it was the day to sell off slaves at discounted prices.  Another claims it was because so many workers called in sick the day after Thanksgiving Thursday to enjoy a 4-day weekend.

Another popular story comes from the world of accounting.  It was said that on this day Christmas shopping begins.  It is the day that retailers began to show a profit after operating at a loss since the beginning of the year.  They now moved out of the red (operating at a loss) and into the black (operating at a profit).

The most plausible and probable theory comes out of the Philadelphia Traffic Department.  The Department labelled this day Black Friday due to the huge traffic jams that it commonly produced.  The day was a holiday and the first day that Santa Clause appeared in stores.  This caused the city centre to become gridlocked with traffic.  Year after year this got worse and newspaper reporters widely reported it as “Black Friday”.


So what happens on Black Friday?

Black Friday is characterised by amazing specials.  Shoppers are promised never-to-be-repeated offers and they walk away with some incredible deals.  It’s the reason some customers are prepared to camp outside a particular shop overnight to make sure they are there first to bag the best bargains.

Black Friday does come with some horror stories.  Crazed shoppers have beaten, shot or crushed one another in their frenzy to claim an “at-cost” item.   The Black Friday Death Count website tally is 7 dead and 98 injured since 2006.


What does it have to do with Bedworld?

We have answered the question “where does Black Friday come from”.  Whilst Bedworld is a proudly local company with no ties to the origin we thought we’d have a Black Friday sale anyway.  It’s a great opportunity to bring you a very special deal.

We don’t want anyone getting crushed in the rush so we are offering some awesome online specials and you don’t have to wait till Black Friday!


So what is it we are offering? 

Bedworld has a number of great quality beds from leading brands at ridiculous prices.  You can see all the options here:

Here is what you need to do:

Choose the size bed you want and follow the easy instructions.

Delivery in the Gauteng area is R300.   If you would like delivery in other areas, we will provide you with a quote.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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