tri-bunk bed
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Looking for a Tri-Bunk bed?

When customers are looking for a tri-bunk bed we have the solution.  We are proud to supply beds from Michael Calvin Designs, quality product that will last.

What is a tri-bunk bed?

Not everyone knows what a tri-bunk is and some mistakenly think it is a bunk with 3 layers, like something you will find on a budget school camp.

In fact it is a bunk that has a double bed on the bottom layer with a single bed above. A ladder is attached to the side and allows access to the top bunk.

To give the dimensions of this furniture, a double bed is 137cm wide, and a single is 91cm.  This bunk is available in standard length, being 188cm long.

What are they made from?

The tri-bunk from Michael Calvin is made from 35 year old radiata wood.  This is strong and durable and is built to last.

The tri-bunk is available in a number of colours, namely

  • chestnut
  • mahogany
  • oregon
  • white, and
  • rustic

We recommend that you come into store to choose your preference as this will ensure you are getting the colour you want.  Colours can appear differently in digitial format to the real thing.

Assembly of the Tri-Bunk Bed

Michael Calvin furniture arrives as a flat pack and is assembled easily. Full instructions are included with easy-to-understand diagrams.

Our delivery team can assemble your new bunk for you and save you any hassle.  This service must be pre-booked with your order, and a small charge is applicable.  Assembly takes approximately an hour.

Recommended Mattress

A popular mattress for a bunk bed is the Bambino from the makers of Cloud Nine.  This mattress is not too thick and fits nicely into the bunk bed frame.  Click here to view the Bambino.

How to order

Come into store to order your Tri-bunk bed- directions and address details are available on this link. You can also speak to us on Live Chat directly on our website, or send an email to