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5 Top Tips to Take Care of Your Back

We are often asked which beds are best for back pain. Back pain can seriously diminish your quality of life. Some back pain can be avoided, however, by making small changes to the way you do things and by looking after your spine. If you want to make sure that you retain mobility well into your senior years, there are things you can start doing today.   Here are our top tips:


  1. Keep active

Movement is excellent for the body. The body is designed to move and it thrives when it can move. If you sit still for a while, such as on an aeroplane flight or an extended time at your desk, you will probably find your joints feel creaky and stiff.

Find something that you love to do. It doesn’t have to be traditional exercise like cycling, running or swimming. It could be gardening or dancing. Anything that gets you moving and brings you joy will help.

There is never an excuse not to keep active. You could sit in a chair, put music on and dance for 10 minutes a day. Pretend you are writing your name with your belly button; gently twist your spine; touch the ground and reach into the air.   Regardless of how fit you are, or how much mobility you have, there is movement that you can do and it will help to keep your body healthy.


  1. S-t-r-e-t-c-h

Back pain can be caused by hamstrings that are too tight. Keeping flexible will help you maintain normal joint function and range in your joints. There are a number of stretches you can do to keep the joints in your spine healthy.

The stretch can be as simple as sitting on the floor with your legs open, drawing your chin to your chest, and bending from the hips. Your hands should not reach further than your knees.   Another stretch excellent for the spine is rounding and arching your back whilst on all fours.

Regular stretching, performed everyday, can preserve your mobility and minimise any back pain.


  1. Not all mattresses are created equal

We spend one third of our lives on our bed so it makes sense to pay attention to what we sleep on and how we sleep. So which beds are best for back pain?

A mattress that provides you with the right support for your spine is essential. A bed needs to support you whilst you sleep. The mattress doesn’t need to be hard. It can have comfort layers that provide you with the amount of cushioning that is most comfortable for you. Beneath these comfort layers, however, the bed needs to give you the right support.

Bedworld offers a number of options when it comes to which beds are best for back pain.

One of the brands we recommend is Cloud Nine.  Cloud Nine manufactures beds that have been endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa. They provide the perfect sleeping posture support and are excellent for people with aching joints or backs. Cloud Nine beds are manufactured from premium foam. They have no moving parts and there is no transfer of movement between sleeping partners.

When it comes to which beds are best for back pain you also need to consider your budget.  Bedworld has a many options to suit every price point so send us an email to info@bedworld.co.za and we will assist you.


  1. Bend those knees!

Many a back injury has been caused by lifting things that are too heavy. If you need to lift something that is heavy, the best thing to do is get someone to help you.

When you lift something, the correct technique to use is to stand close to the object, bend your legs, and lift using your legs. Don’t use your back or upper body and keep your back straight.

Whilst on the subject of lifting heavy objects, think about how heavy your bag or backpack is? Do you sling it over one shoulder? Does it weigh more than 10% of your bodyweight? Carrying a heavy bag can put your body out of alignment and result in back pain.


  1. Think Ergonomics

Ergonomics concerns the design and use of equipment in a way that causes the least amount of fatigue and discomfort. This means sitting at a desk that is the right height for your body. Make sure your keyboard and screen is at the right angle. If you are sitting at your desk, don’t cradle your phone between your ear and shoulder.

Something else to consider is how you use your mobile phone and other electronic devices. Have you heard of “text neck”? There is even a name for it. The pain that you experience in your neck, back, shoulders and upper arms from bending your neck over your phone: text neck. To avoid and limit this, hold your screen level with your head as often as possible, take frequent breaks, and avoid looking down for long periods of time.


Implement these tips in your daily life and look after your back. The quality of your life can be severely compromised if your back is injured. With modern medicine and conveniences we are living longer than ever, and it is essential to preserve our mobility.

Remember, of course, that these are lifestyle tips.  If you have consistent back pain please consult your doctor.

Which beds are best for back pain?

Ask us which beds are best for back pain and we’ll give you the best options for your budget.

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