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Time for a King Size Mattress?

A king size mattress could be just what you need to get your best night’s sleep. When you sleep alone, a queen size bed or even a double bed will give you all the room you need. When you sleep with a partner, a double bed will feel quite snug. A queen bed should give you both enough room to move. But what if your partner is one of those people that likes to starfish when they sleep? And if they are too tall for the bed? They may think that lying diagonally across the bed is the perfect solution. Well, for them anyway!

If you have small children you may find that at some point in the night they have found their way into your bed.  You now cling to the edge as they sprawl across the middle. Perhaps the cat has taken up residence at the bottom of the bed?  And now you are curled into a ball in one corner.

Will a King Size Mattress make a difference?

A king size mattress is 183cm wide. It is the width of two single beds.  The mattress sits on two single bed bases. That gives you a concept of the size. It is 31 centimetres wider than a queen size bed. Imagine that extra space as you cling to the edge of your bed, a small foot wedged in the small of your back. If you want to really capitalise on the space, you should choose an extra length mattress. With an extra 12 centimetres at the bottom of the bed there will be no need for you to be relegated to a small triangle in the corner.

Where can you buy a King Size Mattress today?

The advantages of a king size mattress are clear and there is no need to sleep one more night in discomfort! There is a wide selection of king size beds on the Bedworld website from which to choose. You can buy a King Size base and mattress set or a King Size mattress only. When you buy a bed, always buy the best you can afford. Whether you choose a Bedworld economy range king size mattress or one of our premium brands, you know you will be getting a good quality bed when you buy from Bedworld. To find your perfect king size mattress on the Bedworld online site, look here.