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Three Quarter Mattress For Sale At Bedworld

When you are looking for a great deal, get a three quarter mattress for sale at Bedworld.  We have many to choose from according to your preference – brand, comfort, and price.

What size is a 3/4?

A 3/4 mattress is 107cm wide.  It falls between a single mattress, measuring 91cm wide, and a double mattress, measuring 137cm.  This size is ideal for one person and, for a good night’s sleep, we would not recommend it for more than one.

Read our post Bed Sizes Explained here if you would like a comprehensive description of bed sizes.

Extra Length in 3/4?

Three quarter beds are available in extra length (XL).  An extra length bed is 200cm long.  This makes it 12cm longer than a standard length which is 188cm.  The extra few centimetres make a difference when you are tall and mean your feet won’t hang off the end of the mattress.

Almost all the brands make the 3/4 XL to order which means it will take between 7 to 10 days for delivery once your order has been placed.  This is clearly shown on the product description so you’ll get the reminder and will not be surprised.

Three Quarter Mattress For Sale

Bedworld has a number of 3/4s on special, either as a set or a mattress only.  You can see our current specials here.  You can filter the specials according to Set or Mattress Only to make it easier.

We keep our prices as low as possible and we are very competitive, even on beds that are not on sale.  You can browse our website and see all of the 3/4 beds we have available.

Need help to choose?

If you cannot decide which is the best three quarter mattress for sale for you, talk to us.  You can chat directly from the website using our Live Chat function and we can answer your questions immediately.  Another option is to email your questions to or ask us to contact you.

Don’t miss out on your 3/4 mattress for sale at Bedworld!