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Is it time for a Super King?

A Super King is sometimes the only size bed that will do.

Maybe you and your partner go to bed comfortably, and by the time you wake up you are no longer alone. Two of your children, your dog and your cat have joined you during the night and now you are squashed into a little corner.

Perhaps your bedroom is of palatial size and any other dimension bed looks dwarfed and out of place. Could it be you want the ultimate luxury of a really large bed, with space to starfish contentedly? Whatever your reasons, Bedworld is here to help.

What is a Super King bed?

A Super King is 200cm wide and 200cm long. This makes it 17cm wider than a King Size bed, which measures 183cm. An extra length (XL) bed is 200cm, and is 12cm longer than the standard 188cm.

An extra 17cm wide, and 12cm long can make all the difference.

What about bedding?

In years past this size was not freely available. You could only get linen and bedding at specialist linen shops. This has now changed. Fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers, duvet inners, and blankets are available at most of your favourite home ware stores.

What is available in this size at Bedworld?

Bedworld offers a few options in the Super King.  These include

  • the Celeste from Serta
  • the Pocket Premium and the Pocket Royale from our Value Buys range
  • the Lifestyle and the Royal Comfort from Henwood Bedding

These premium quality beds come in  a range of prices, and there is one for every pocket.

How to order your Super King?

Bedworld is proud to offer premium products at very competitive prices.   To get yours, send us an email at requesting a bed in this size. You can also speak to us on Live Chat on our website, or come into a store.  You will find directions to our shops here.

Give yourself the luxury of a Super King at a price you can afford with Bedworld.