Super King Mattress

Super King Mattress at Bedworld

A Super King mattress is the ultimate indulgence when it comes to bed sizes and Bedworld is pleased to have these available.

The Super King is a bodacious 200cm by 200cm which means pure luxury.

But how does it compare to the other sizes available? Here is a quick reminder on the common sizes.

  • Single Bed – 91cm – good for a one
  • 3/4 Bed – 107cm – good for one with some extra space
  • Double Bed – 137cm – great for one, cosy for two
  • Queen Bed – 152cm – good for two
  • King Bed – 183cm – great for two with ample space

These sizes all refer to the width of the bed.  Of course there is also a standard length and an extra length option.  Standard length is 188cm and Extra Length is 200cm.  That extra 12 cm’s really make a difference, especially if you are tall.  Extra Length is commonly referred to as XL.

The Super King is a whole 17cm wider and 12cm longer than a standard King.  This means much more room.  And if the children, the dog and the cat all insist on sleeping on your bed, it means enough room for all!

Choose Your Super King Mattress

Bedworld has a number of options available from leading brands.  View our online options HERE.

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