Storage Base

The Storage Base To Solve Your Storage Problems

When space is at a premium, a storage base can be an elegant solution to your space problems.  This base can hold a substantial number of things and is a great place to keep things – especially items that you don’t need to access every day but you still need to keep.

It’s a handy place to keep things like:

  • Extra linen and blankets
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Coats and jackets
  • Photographs and scrapbooks
  • Christmas decorations

Personally we don’t recommend you keep valuables like money and jewellery.  Those should rather be in a lock up safe or a bank.

Most people do not have a large amount of space for storage.  Bedrooms in the modern house are smaller than in the past, and we have to make clever use of all storage creation designs.

The Flip Top Storage Base

Bedworld is excited to now stock this product.  It has an elegant design in a soft grey fabric, and there is no need for a night frill or base cover.

It is easy to open and has a heavy duty hydraulic hinge.  The interior is lined and has a depth of 26 centimetres, creating a substantial space for storage.

This base is available in a full range of sizes- single, 3/4, double, queen and king.  You can also order it in extra length in king and queen.  (Extra length is 200cm long, whilst a standard length is 188cm.  You can learn more about bed sizes here.)

Please note that it will take 10 days from order for delivery of your base.

Get your base from Bedworld

You can get your base from Bedworld both in store and directly online.  Speak to us on Live Chat on the website if you need assistance, or email us at

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