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Single Beds for Sale

Bedworld is best for single beds on sale!

Top selling single beds on sale

Bedworld has a choice of single beds on sale from our top selling brands.  These include models from Rest Assured, Cloud Nine, Essential Sleep, and Serta amongst others.

We also have a collection of beds that we have carefully chosen to form our Value Buys selection.  They are affordable without sacrificing quality and are a great option when you have less to spend.

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Why buy this size?

When there is a sale, single beds are a popular size as they are good in children’s rooms which can be small.  A single bed is a perfect size for a little person.

Bunk beds are usually singles and you need to make sure that the mattress you buy will not be too thick for the bed frame.  At Bedworld we recommend the Bambino mattress for bunk beds.  It is manufactured by the makers of Cloud Nine and is a popular choice for children and teens.

Many buy two single beds that can be pushed together to make a king size bed, one that is joined with a king size mattress topper that holds them together.  This is ideal in a spare room and also a popular choice with guest houses.

Is a foam or a spring mattress better in a single?

We are often asked this question, and it is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string?”

We are proud to supply speciality foam products from Cloud Nine. These are endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and have several benefits like being non-allergenic, zero transference of partner movement, and superior support.

At Bedworld we also have a number of spring mattresses, including pocketed springs.  Rest Assured, and Essential Sleep are examples of very good quality spring mattresses.  These are also chiropractic endorsed and offer similar benefits.

It comes down to personal preference.  You can rely on these brands, however, so you will be getting excellent quality whichever you choose.


Get single beds for sale at a Bedworld store, or you can shop online from the comfort of your home.  Delivery in Gauteng is R300.

For any more information, send us an email to so we can assist.