Sagging Mattress or Body Impressions
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Sagging Mattress or Body Impressions?

Do you have a sagging mattress or is it body impressions?

It is normal for your mattress to get body impressions. This is especially true of premium mattresses.  The comfort layers of your bed are made from supersoft foam and fibres.  These are designed to mold to the curves of your body.  This is why the bed is comfortable.

There is a difference between body impressions and a sagging mattress.

What is normal wear?

  • body impressions form where you sleep
  • normal wear means these can be as deep as 4cm
  • You can measure with a broom stick across the bed to see how deep the impressions are
  • there could be a small mound down the center of the mattress

When is it a sagging mattress?

  • the impressions are deeper than 4cms
  • you roll into the centre of the mattress
  • you can feel the springs beneath

Sagging Mattress

How to care for your mattress

  • A double-sided mattress should be flipped / rotated once a month
  • Your no-turn mattress should be rotated once a month
  • Use a mattress protector – moisture will break down the foam comfort layers
  • Spend some time in the center of the mattress to even out the wear
  • Make sure your base is not faulty and is strong enough to support your mattress
  • If you have a base with slats, the gaps between must be less than 7cm

What to do if your mattress is sagging

Body impressions are a sign that the mattress is performing as it should.

If you have a sagging mattress though, you need to address it.

When your mattress is still under guarantee/warranty you can arrange with Bedworld for the manufacturer to come and inspect your bed.  If they find the mattress is faulty, then they will address this in terms of the conditions of the warranty.

Remember that a requirement of the warranty is that your mattress is sanitary and hygienic.  Using a mattress protector is very important.  You can get one here if you don’t already have one.

Time for a new mattress?

With proper care your mattress should last for 7 years.  You are on your bed on average 8 hours every day. The tell-tale signs that it is time to get a new mattress include:

  • waking up with aches and pains
  • waking up tired
  • restless sleep

Speak to us at Bedworld on Live Chat. We’ll help you choose the right mattress for your comfort, support and budget. Or send us an email to so we can assist.

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