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Restonic Orthozone

What Happened to the Restonic Orthozone?

The Relax Range has recently replaced the Restonic Orthozone.  We often get asked for the Orthozone but it is no longer available.  It was an excellent range but Relax is even better so there is no need for despair.

The Relax Range

The latest from Restonic is the Relax Range.  A state-of-the-art facility manufactures this range using the latest international technology.  Support and extra comfort is provided by speciality foam in these mattresses, and they are foam encased for extra stability and side support.

As with the Restonic Orthozone, the mattresses in the Relax Range still feature the patented “marvellous middle”, a design which provides extra lower-back support.

The Relax Range is endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and it is SABS approved.

Models in the Relax Range

At Bedworld you can get a number of models in the Relax Range.  These are as follows:

  • Recover – chiropractic bed, for persons up to 100kg
  • Restore – chiropractic pillowtop bed, for persons up to 110kg
  • Rekindle- heavy duty bed, for persons up to 120kg
  • Rejuvenate- memory foam pillowtop bed, for persons up to 120kg
  • Reawaken-  extra heavy duty pillow top, for persons up to 130kg
  • Revitaliser- pocket spring bed, for persons up to 120kg

You can see all the beds in the range here using queen size.  Change the filter for your own selection.

Why choose a Restonic?

Restonic is a well-loved and trusted brand in South Africa.  KAP Integrated Bedding, the largest bedding manufacturer in the Southern hemisphere, makes the Restonic beds.  When you buy a Restonic you know you are getting a quality product that carries a good factory warranty.  If you think there is something wrong with your mattress, contact us and we will arrange for a representative to do an inspection.

Restonic Orthozone Warranty

The warranty on an Orthozone will still apply even though this range is no longer in production.  If your mattress is still within its warranty period, Restonic will do an inspection and respond appropriately.


If you are ready for a new bed consider a bed from the Relax Range.  Speak to one of our team members to see if one of these beds will suit you, or if we can recommend something else.

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