Restonic Double Bed
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When to choose a double bed

You’re looking at a Restonic double bed but you aren’t sure if that is the right size for you.  Will it be big enough? Should it be extra length? How do you decide?

Handy Tips to Choose the Right Size Bed

The following is a good rule of thumb to help you decide what size to get:

  • Single bed – 91cm wide – best for 1
  • 3/4 bed – 107cm wide – best for 1
  • Double bed – 137cm wide – best for 1, 2 is a squeeze but ok for the occasional night
  • Queen bed  – 152cm wide – good for two
  • King Size bed – 183cm wide – awesome for 2

There are other things you need to think about too.  For example what is the size of the bedroom? As lovely as a King is, if its going to take up too much space in a small bedroom, then a Queen is a better choice.  Also think about how you will get it into the room.  If you live in a 3rd floor apartment with only a narrow staircase will the King make it up the stairs?

A double is a great size for a teenager or single person.  It gives enough room to spread out and it doesn’t take up too much room in a small bedroom.

Restonic Double Bed Options & Other Choices

At Bedworld we have double beds from a range of manufacturers and brands.  These include Restonic, Cloud Nine, Rest Assured, Serta, Essential Sleep, Genessi and more.  You are spoiled for choice! We can help you choose the best bed for your needs and budget, and you will pay less at Bedworld.

Our Value Buys range offers great options on double beds.  The 10 Star is a very popular choice – you can see the details here.  Another top seller to view is the Bamboo Deluxe.  With the Value Buys range your money goes further and you still get a quality product.


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