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The top 4 reasons why you need a mattress protector

You’ve just chosen your bed and salesperson asks “Would you like a mattress protector with that?”. Is this just a fancy upsell technique? Are you being taken for a ride: a ploy to get you to add a few hundred rand onto your sale? To allay your fears here are the top 4 reasons why a mattress protector is a necessity:

  1. If your mattress is stained your warranty is void

We can probably stop here. It bears repeating: if your mattress is stained then the warranty on your bed is void.   The manufacturer will no longer repair or replace your mattress as part of your warranty, even if the fault is unrelated to the stain. This means it is imperative to keep your mattress stain free.

  1. It keeps your mattress clean

You may go to bed freshly showered every evening, but this does not mean your mattress is staying clean. When you perspire at night, this moisture passes through the sheet and onto the top layer of the mattress. Your tears and your saliva can find their way through the sheet, likewise blood and other fluids. All of these things can be kept from the surface of the mattress by using a mattress protector.

  1. It helps prevent dust mite allergies

Dust mites thrive on dead skin cells. Your skin sloughs off dead cells all of the time. With a mattress protector, these can be cleaned off regularly and dust mites will not accumulate. Dust mite allergies are common and typical symptoms are sneezing, streaming eyes and a runny nose. Using a mattress protector can prevent these.

  1. It will keep the mattress feeling new

 The fabric and comfort layers of your mattress will be kept dry with a mattress protector. The biggest cause of deterioration in foam is moisture. The foam layers will keep their comfort and will last longer. The fabric will keep looking fresh and new.

If you don’t one, you should consider buying one immediately. And the next time your salesperson asks “would you like a mattress protector with that?” the answer has to be yes!

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