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Looking for a Queen Size Mattress Price?

Bedworld has a queen size mattress price for every budget.

Prices begin with an entry level mattress, suitable for a teenager or spare bedroom, from as little as R2299.  An entry base and mattress set will start at R3199. On the other end of the spectrum, Bedworld also supplies top of range luxury mattress that are the best of the best.

There are many mattresses to choose from and it is not only budget that is a consideration. The comfort of the bed, the weight it is made to support, where it is for, and the type of bed you like is also important.

The importance of weight

When looking for a queen size mattress price, consider the weight of the persons that will be sleeping on it.

The price of a bed is impacted by the weight it is designed to support.  In most ranges you will find an entry-level product which is suitable for persons up to 70 or 80kgs.  These beds are great for children and teens, and possibly a spare room which is seldom used.

At the top of end of the range you will find beds designed for heavier persons- weights like 120kgs, or 150kgs, or even with no weight limit.  These heavy-duty beds will cost more but they will provide the right level of support and will also last as long as expected.  If you buy a bed designed for 80kgs and you and your partner weigh more, the bed will not last and will need replacing within a few years.

Queen Bed Price at Bedworld Online

In the Bedworld Online shop there are more than 40 options when it comes to queen size beds.  The easiest way to find the right bed for you is to use the available filters.

Select whether you want a bed set or mattress using the top menu (or drop down menu on your phone).  From this option select the size you want (and whether it is standard or extra length). You can arrange the displayed options in order of price – from lowest to highest or the other way around.

Our Compare function lets you select a few beds and then compare them side by side.  You can learn more about how this works here.


Buy your bed online for the best deals.  See our current specials here.  If you need help, speak to us on Live Chat or send an email to info@bedworld.co.za