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Queen Beds For Sale

If you are looking for queen beds for sale Bedworld has a wide selection to suit all preferences and budgets.

Firstly, what size is a Queen?

The dimensions of a queen size is 152cm wide and 188cm long.  This bed is also available in extra length (XL) which is 200cm.

The queen bed is a popular size, especially for a main bedroom.  It has enough space for two people to be comfortable, and fits well into the average size master bedroom.  Linen is widely available in this popular size.

Brands at Bedworld

We are proud to supply leading brands that are known and loved in the South African market.  Some of the brands we supply include:

  • Cloud Nine
  • Rest Assured
  • Essential Sleep
  • Serta
  • And more

At Bedworld we are also proud to present our Value Buys range.  This is a curation of specially selected beds that deliver quality at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a specific brand or even model of bed, ask us.  Our team has more than 25 years experience in the bed industry.

Queen Beds for Sale at Bedworld

We have a number of queen size beds and mattresses on special at Bedworld.  You can see our Specials here.

You can get beds for every pocket at Bedworld.  These start at our entry level beds but we are proud to say that we do not sell “cheap beds”. We prefer to say we sell quality beds at affordable prices.

If you are looking for the best of the best, we have a number of options to present to you.

Queen Size beds on www.bedworld.co.za

You can select your queen beds for sale from the wide range of choices at Bedworld.  The following filters will enable you to view all of the beds in the category described.  Click on your selection:

You can also speak to us on Live Chat or send us an email to info@bedworld.co.za