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Outstanding Value from the Rest Assured Turnberry

The Rest Assured Turnberry is a great bed.  The Turnberry is set to become one of the favourite in the Rest Assured range as it offers outstanding value.

Inspired by the MQ10

One of the best known mattresses from Rest Assured is the MQ10.  The hospitality industry has sought out this mattress for many years.  It delivers on reliability, durability and comfort. The Turnberry is based on the winning formula of the MQ10.

Rest Assured Heritage Bonnell Collection

Rest Assured’s Heritage range is constructed of a solid, ultra-tough spring unit with exclusive features. This 6 turn spring system has 33% more wire than a 5 turn spring bed. The unique Bonnell coils have an Hour Glass shape for better performance and load carrying capacities. Combining this unique design with luxurious soft touch covers creates the ultimate sleep experience. 

The spring system is dual tempered and pre-set.  This ensures minimum sagging and maximum support.

Features of the Rest Assured Turnberry

The Turnberry is double sided. You must flip and rotate it regularly, as per the care instructions provided. The side that is flipped is given time to “recover”  and this ensures maximum durability and comfort. This makes it a very durable mattress.

The comfort layers are made from Viscose Breathe blue gel and hyper soft open cell polyurethane foam. This provides ventilation and creates a cool sleeping surface.  The bed has the iconic comfort of a Rest Assured mattress. The foam used in the construction of the Turnberry is all produced in house by the Strandfoam Group.  In this way Rest Assured can guarantee the quality of the product, and make sure that it is hygienic and non-toxic.

The mattress is covered in soft touch jacquard ticking. This helps with heat dissipation and keeps the surface of the mattress cool.

The mattress does not sag at the edges as these are reinforced.  You will also not feel like you are rolling off the edge of the mattress. This means you have the largest sleeping surface possible.

The Turnberry is designed for up to 120 kgs per person.  It is a Firm mattress, with a very comfortable feel.

Great Value from the Rest Assured Turnberry

The Turnberry is a great mid range bed that delivers on its promises.  It has a 2 year guarantee and a 15 warranty and it is built to last.

This bed is available in all sizes, as a set or as mattress only.  You can find them here.

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