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mobicred for your new bed!

mobicred gives you 12 months to pay for your new bed. This online credit facility enables you to afford those big purchases you need, and makes it easy to pay.

Buying a bed is an investment. It is designed to last you 7 to 10 years. Considering you use it on average 8 hours every day, you want the best quality you can afford. Buying it with cash upfront is not always easy, or even possible. This is when mobicred can make a real difference.



There are many benefits to using this credit facility:

1. It is secure
2. The application process is easy
3. You can use your approved credit at all participating merchants
4. You only pay one monthly instalment, not multiple accounts
5. You can take advantage of online offers


Applying for credit from mobicred

To qualify for this facility you must be 18 years or older and have a South African identity document. You need a valid bank account in your name, a mobile number, and an email account. The final requirement is that you earn a minimum of R5500 per month.

To apply you complete the online application process here. The only additional documentation you need to supply is 3 months payslips. These are uploaded with your application.

The approval process is quick, and once approved there is no waiting period. You can use your credit instantly.


How do you use your credit?

Your mobicred credit can be used at all participating merchants.

At Bedworld we indicate on every product what the monthly mobicred instalment would be on that product.  It looks like this:




This way you can choose the right bed for you, knowing what you will need to pay on a monthly basis.

Once you have selected the bed you want, add it to you cart. Don’t forget a mattress protector. There are many good reasons why a mattress protector is essential.

Proceed to checkout and follow the easy instructions. Select “Payfast” as your payment method, and then choose mobicred. Easy.

Your purchase is complete and you will soon be sleeping on your new bed.


What if I want to buy in store?

If you prefer to come into store to make your purchase, we can help you.

Come into a Bedworld branch with your approved Mobicred credit. A salesperson can assist you to choose the ideal bed for you. Once you have chosen your bed, you can pay for your bed through our online portal.


Need your new bed now?

If it is time for a new bed you don’t have to wait until you have saved enough to pay the full purchase price. Apply for credit with mobicred with 12 months to pay.

Give yourself the best chance of a good night’s sleep with Bedworld.

For information or assistance, please call us on 011 791 4254 or email at