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Sleep in luxury with a memory foam bed

A memory foam bed is one of the most comfortable places to sleep.   Some describe it like floating on a cloud.  The foam cushions your curves, eliminating all pressure points.  You feel luxurious support in all the right places.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam was invented by a contractor to NASA. It was developed in the 1960s for use on shuttle seats to keep pilots cushioned throughout their flight.

This visco-elastic foam has found its way into a myriad of common and household items since then.  Memory foam is used on couches and chairs, on the seats in movie theatres, as cushioning in helmets, and even in shoes.  And of course it is used to make beds more comfortable.

Memory Foam Beds

A mattress has many layers.  There is the inner core that is responsible for providing support and can be made from springs, pocketed springs, or speciality foam.  On top of this core comes more layers, responsible for creating the comfort of the bed.

The top layer of premium beds is often memory foam.  Many manufacturers have some bespoke type of memory foam, for example Cool Blue Gel from Cloud Nine.  This technology acts as a ventilations system that disipates heat, creating a cool sleeping surface.  The memory foam layer is a plush and luxurious surface to lie on.

Some of the memory foam beds you will find at Bedworld include:

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The Mattress Topper

If your current bed is in great condition but you would like the luxury of memory foam, consider a mattress topper.  This memory foam layer sits on top of your bed, and is secured like a fitted sheet.  Learn more about our mattress toppers here.

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