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Mattresses you can make payments on

Why, you may ask, would anybody in South Africa buy a mattress you can make payments on when they could just go buy a cheap mattress and pay cash? Or, there are used mattresses that look like new but don’t cost much. Those are the most expensive mattresses you can buy because you’re not getting much for your money. It’s like buying cheap toys that break right away for your kids; the toys were made to sell, not to actually play with. The packaging and the price is what draws people to buy such worthless items. You don’t have to buy the most expensive mattress to get support and comfort, but you do need one of good quality. We are a Mobicred retailer, so you can buy your new mattress today with just twelve monthly payments.

Mobicred and Bedworld for Excellent Physical and Mental Health

Consistently poor quality sleep leads to a multitude of physical and mental health issues. South Africans, if you buy good quality mattresses you can make payments on, you’ll have ten years or more of health inducing sleep; nine of them payment free. Bedworld supplies top brand quality mattresses in a broad price range. Our selections include Restonic, Genessi, Cloud Nine, Rest Assured and our new addition, Green Coil. Essential Sleep is our own brand; exclusive to Bedworld. It’s high quality at a lower price. If you’re not familiar, Mobicred is easy to apply for. You can do it right online. Just have your South African ID number, an email address, bank account information and mobile phone information handy.

Wake Up and Feel Revitalised Again

South Africans can purchase mattresses you can make payments on at one of our two Bedworld showrooms; Boksburg and Randburg. Or, you can shop direct from our Bedworld online store where we are able to offer low prices. We deliver throughout Gauteng. If you just don’t know which mattress is best for you, come in to one or our showroom locations and spend some time trying a few. You may find you prefer a firm or medium mattress that cushions and supports all your pressure points. You’ll like waking up pain free. Many of our customers fall in love with Memory Foam because it moulds to the individual body gradually customising itself to you.

Give yourself the health benefits of a good night’s sleep tonight with a mattress you can make payments on. To find out more about our range of beds, speak to a friendly consultant today.