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Mattress Topper – Why Should I Get One?

A mattress topper may be just what you need to make your bed more comfortable.

What is a mattress topper?

A topper is a foam layer that fits on your bed with a skirt like a fitted sheet.  This perfect fit means it doesn’t move on the top of the mattress.  It is made from 5cm thick high density foam.

Why do you need it?

Sometimes a mattress is too firm for your preference.  The mattress provides the right amount of support for the body, but you may feel you want more softness and comfort.

This is when a topper is an excellent option.  It sits on top of the “engine” – the mattress which gives you the support you need – and adds the luxury softness you are looking for.

The memory foam in the mattress topper moulds to the curves of your body.  This means you get the support where you need it most. It allows your body to remain in alignment at the key points of your head, your shoulder, and your hip.

If your current mattress is in great condition but you feel it is too hard, you don’t need to buy a new one.  Invest in a mattress topper and instantly get a luxuriously soft sleeping surface.

Other advantages of a mattress topper

Three other advantages of a mattress topper include:

  • it ensures your bed lasts longer
  • it is fully portable so you can sleep comfortably wherever you go
  • you can join two single beds into a king size in a guest room

Where to get one?

Order a mattress topper online right here at Bedworld.  It is available in all sizes- single, 3/4, double, queen and king.

Our toppers are covered in luxury bamboo towelling that gives a soft sleeping surface.  This quality product contains high density memory foam that is 5cm thick.

If you need advice on whether a mattress topper is the answer for you, or if you need a new mattress, we are here to help.  Email us on and we’ll get back to you.








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