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King Size Beds –

Imagine the luxurious comfort of sleeping in a king size bed of your own. It is said that we spend, throughout our lives, up to 26 years sleeping! It makes sense then to spend this time in a bed that meets your needs. Purchasing the wrong size bed is one of the biggest mistakes first time bed-buyers can make. Often couples purchase a smaller bed thinking that it is large enough for their comfort needs, and that they will be saving on the cost. Only to discover later that buying a bigger bed would allow them more comfort and more space during sleep.

Why a King Size Bed?

They are called king size beds simply because they are larger than other sizes. As you spend more time in your bed than on any other piece of furniture in your home, it is prudent to purchase a bed that you will be comfortable in, that is large enough for you to have an uninterrupted night’s sleep and as important, not disturb your partner. The large sleeping surface of a king size bed allows you to be comfortable about movement in your sleep and know that you won’t accidentally wake up your spouse. King size beds also have many health benefits. They are designed in such a manner that support or relieve all pressure points of your body, regardless of which position you are in.

A good night’s sleep is imperative to a good life

A sound, good night’s sleep has many health benefits:

  • Helps keep your heart healthy.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Makes you more alert and improves your memory.
  • Sleep may help you lose weight.

The size of the bed is one of the main factors that affect sleep quality. Sleeping in a bed that is too small for your size, or too uncomfortable, negates the benefits of a proper night’s sleep. At Bedworld, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Our 2 bestsellers, Restonic and Cloud Nine Beds are both top-quality, carefully manufactured, and above all, comfortable beds. Enjoy the freedom and comfort of more space and contact Bedworld to find out more about our king size beds.

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