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Bedworld has the best king size bed deals. These amazing deals are available at our online store.  If you are considering buying a king size bed, now is the time!

Why buy a king size bed?

Once you have slept on a king size, you will understand the luxury of space.  There is ample room for you and a partner.  There is also enough space for the children, and the dog can probably squeeze in too.

If you don’t have a menagerie to share with, it is pure bliss to take as much room as you want. With king size bed deals on offer, it is the perfect time to buy.

How big is a King?

A king size bed is 183cm wide.  That is twice the size of two single beds. It comes in Standard Length (188cm) and Extra Length XL (200cm).

When you buy a Base and Mattress Set in this size, it comes with 2 single bases.  This makes it easier to move the bases into the bedroom.

Standard or Extra Length?

If you or your partner is tall you will love the extra space that XL gives.  It is easy to buy linen for an extra length mattress these days so don’t let that put you off taking advantage of our king size bed deals.

If you have a smaller bedroom, and you and your partner aren’t tall, a standard length will serve you perfectly.

Remember to also buy a mattress protector if you don’t already have one.  A King Size mattress protector will fit both a standard and extra length mattress.

King Size Bed Deals

Bedworld is running a great special with King Size bed deals as our focus.  We have options in a number of brands so you can choose according to your preference.

The price is right, and the quality is awesome.  When you get your king size bed deals at Bedworld you also get excellent service.

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