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How Much You Weigh – Is it Important?

How much you weigh is a sensitive topic because we make a big deal about it in today’s society. It shouldn’t be relevant to anyone else but you. But whether you love your curves just as they are, or you are on the lookout for ways to shed those kilograms, there is one place where how much you weigh does matter.  And that is with the mattress you choose.

Here is why it’s important.

1. You need the right support

A mattress is designed to support a certain weight.  This affects how the mattress is constructed and the materials that are used.  A heavy-duty spring can support more weight than an average spring.  The same is true with a specialty foam mattress.  There will be a greater level of reinforcement in a mattress designed to provide heavier support.  If you are the right weight for the mattress you are sleeping on your body is kept in proper, healthy alignment when you sleep.  If you are too heavy for the support your bed provides, you will not be supported properly.

2. You want your mattress to last

A mattress is an investment.  It is an expensive item and you want it to last for at least 7 years. It makes sense that yours will not last as long as it should if you are too heavy for it.  The comfort layers will be flattened, and the support core won’t keep giving the support it should.

Main Bedroom or Spare?

If the bed you are buying is for your main bedroom this is especially important.  You sleep on it every night, on average 8 hours.  That is a lot of time for your mattress to be supporting you.  If you are buying the mattress for a spare bedroom it is not as vital as it will not be used every night.

How Should I Choose?

All of the beds in our online shop clearly show the weight they are designed to support.  This is per person.  In other words if you are sharing with a partner, the heaviest person’s weight should be the one you use when buying your new mattress.

Personally we think you should celebrate those curves.

More importantly we want you to get the best bed to support your body. How much you weigh only matters when you buy a mattress. For all other times – mind your own business!

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