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How good are you at keeping your promises?

At Bedworld we want you to have a reliable bed, a quality product you can count on to give you the support you need.  That’s why we offer leading brands at the lowest prices so you can get a quality product at an affordable price.

What has that got to do with keeping promises?

Recently we at Bedworld received some comments on our Facebook page. They were from a person in another country. She had mistaken our page for that of another company, completely unconnected to us. She was demanding that her money be returned because her bed had not been delivered. Her calls were not being answered and, in frustration, she took to Facebook.

Of course it was not our problem to fix but it reinforced for us how important it is to fulfil our promises and to be a reliable bed shop.   When we make a promise we do all that we can to keep it. When you order your bed we commit to a date when you will receive it. When we confirm a delivery we provide a time window when we will get there.

Sometimes things do happen. A supplier could let us down at the last minute. There could be an accident on the highway, or it could be flooding. In these circumstances we work hard to be a reliable bed shop and keep you informed and up to date.

What makes us a reliable bed shop?

For a start at Bedworld we sell a reliable bed to our customers.  Our beds are from manufacturers that we trust and know will deliver a quality product.  This includes our leading brands as well as the smaller manufacturers we have partnered with.  We know to be a reliable bed shop, we need good suppliers.


It was a good to be reminded that a promise must never be made lightly.

Whether it is in your personal life or your professional life, your word matters!