Hospitality beds for home

Hospitality Beds For Home

Hospitality beds for home– bring the comfort and luxury you expect at a hotel into your home.

What is a Hospitality Bed?

At Bedworld we have a range of beds made for the Hospitality industry. There are certain features that are desirable in a hotel setting.

Versatile Comfort

In a hotel the beds used need to have a comfort level that most people find comfortable.  In general the comfort level that appeals to most people is Medium Firm and Firm. Our collection has a selection at this comfort rating.

Double Sided

A double sided mattress offers double the sleeping surface.  You can sleep on both sides of the mattress. The manufacturer makes it so that it can be turned.  This gives the mattress time to return to its original shape and it takes longer to develop body impressions.  You can read more about body impressions here.  All the beds in the Hospitality Collection are double sided.


Hospitality beds for home have a high weight specification.  All beds are made to support a certain amount of weight.  This can be as low as 60kg for beds suitable for children and goes all the way up to beds that can support all weights with no limits.  The weight supported by the Bedworld Hospitality Collection is:

    • Bonnel Spring – 120kg
    • Foam 120 – 120kg
    • Comfort Foam 140 – 140kg
    • Pocket – 130kg
    • Comfort Pocket – 130kg


The hospitality bed for home has a stylish look.

The base of  the bed is of premium quality and it is covered in attractive grey fabric.  There is no need for a base cover. The mattresses have a heavy duty jacquard cover in the colour white.  This is both on the side panels and the sleeping surfaces of the mattress. This is hard wearing and it also looks contemporary and sophisticated.

The range of Hospitality beds for home

Here is a brief description of the beds in this Collection:

The Hospitality Bonnel Spring

This bed has a bonnel spring system with a high spring count. This gives good support and comfort.  It has rebond foam comfort layers, and a Firm comfort level rating.  It is for sleeping partners less than 120kg each.

The Hospitality Foam 120

The Hospitality Foam 120 mattress has three layers of foam. The centre of the bed is made from rebond foam. This supports the alignment of the body and promotes perfect sleeping posture. There is minimal transfer of partner movement with this bed, and it is for sleeping partners less than 120kg each. The comfort layers are made from high density foam. This bed has a Firm comfort rating.

The Hospitality Comfort Foam 140

This mattress has 5 layers of foam.  The centre is made from rebond foam, giving the support described above. Its comfort layers are made from latex and supersoft foam.  Latex foam responds immediately to your body’s movement.  You don’t sink into the foam and this makes it easy to turn in your sleep without waking.  You get constant pinpointed support where you need it.  This makes for a  luxurious sleeping surface. The comfort rating of the Hospitality Comfort Foam 140 is Medium Firm. Again there is minimal transfer of partner movement, and it is designed for persons less than 140kg.

The Hospitality Pocket

This is a pocket spring mattress which is framed with a butterfly side support for strength and durability.  The pocket springs respond to the weight of the body and give the right level of support where you need. It allows the hips and the shoulders to sink deeper into the mattress, and maintains your proper sleeping posture.  A pocket spring also minimises the transfer of partner movement.  This is the softest bed in this Collection and has a comfort rating of Plush.  It is ideal if you like a soft mattress.  It is for sleeping partners less than 130kg.

The Hospitality Comfort Pocket

The difference in this mattress from the Hospitality Pocket is that it has comfort layers made of supersoft and latex foam. The benefits of this are the same as with the Hospitality Comfort Foam 140 and it gives a wonderfully supportive surface that responds to your weight and movement. This bed shares the same type of pocket spring system as the Hospitality Pocket, giving optimal support and comfort. There is practically no transfer of partner movement with this pocket spring bed and it can take the weight of persons up to 130kg. It has a comfort rating of Medium Firm.

Which of the Hospitality beds for home is right for you?

The Hospitality beds for home come in all sizes and you can see the collection here.

Any of these mattresses can also be paired with a storage base which is an excellent solution when space is limited.

Speak to us on Live Chat or email and lets find the right bed for you.



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