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Henwood Bedding

Henwood Bedding is a premium manufacturer of top quality beds.

Think of it like craft beer or artisanal gin. In recent years these have become very popular. They are a product of the passion of their creator, using the finest ingredients, made for a discerning market.

A Henwood Bed is the same.  These beds are manufactured and designed to international benchmarks. The best components available are used and they are made to the highest quality standard.

Who is Henwood Bedding?

This brand is the creation of Geoff Henwood. After many years of working with the best in the bedding industry, Geoff decided to start manufacturing his own designs.

He travelled to Germany and other European destinations, gathering more knowledge, expertise and ideas to be implemented in his own factory.

The Henwood Bedding factory was set up in Durban in 2002 and has been manufacturing premium quality mattresses since then.  This is a small, independent Brand that consistently produces an excellent product.

Henwood is better known in its hometown of Durban and KZN, and it is a popular product in the top end of the market.  Many decorators and interior designers use only these beds in their designs.  They are confident that a Henwood bed is the best of the best, and the right choice for their discerning customers.

Over the years they have expanded into other provinces with leading retailers, and continue to grow in the market.

The Henwood Lifestyle Range at Bedworld

Bedworld has a number of exclusive premium Henwood beds.  These are appropriately named the Lifestyle Range and they include the following:

  • The Lifestyle Deluxe
    This is a no-turn premium foam bed with latex comfort layers for persons up to 150kg each
  • The Lifestyle Opulence
    Also in premium foam, the Opulence has memory comfort layers, and is also a heavy-duty bed for up to 150kg
  • The Lifestyle Royal Comfort
    This is the “Perfect Bed” and is made to exacting standards; this superior pocket spring bed has blue gel memory foam and latex comfort layers

Also in the range is the popular Airsprung Pillowtop.  When you are looking for a quality product which is very well priced, this bed is an excellent choice.

Where can I get one?

Bedworld began supplying Henwood beds in 2005.

These beds are available directly online at our Online Shop . For more information peak to us on Live Chat or send a query to

You will also find them in our showroom in Randburg. 

Lie back on a Henwood bed and you will need no further explanation.