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Live Chat Rocks!

Live Chat is awesome when you want help with choosing a bed. Online shopping is great but sometimes you have a few questions, or want some clarity, or need advice.

We love Live Chat on our website, and so do our customers.  Take this recent comment from Jan for example: “Thank you very much for your assistance. Never thought this msg thing would work this well”.

With Live Chat there is a knoweldgeable person waiting to help you.  We have been in the bedding industry for more than 25 years and we know beds. Our agents know the products on our website, and can give you links to send you directly to specific products. They can recommend the best options for your particular needs and they have a wealth of knowledge to answer all your questions.

Live Chat for help with choosing a bed

On the Bedworld website at the bottom right of your screen you will you the chat icon.  On mobile it looks like a speech bubble, and on the desk top it is a tag that reads “Chat with us, we are online!”

A screen will pop up when you select it and you can start typing your question and we will answer.  It’s that easy to get going. Our agents are there to answer all your questions.

Is Live Chat always available?

Live Chat is available during normal waking hours and we are quick to respond to your prompt.

Of course our agents also need to sleep (and they have very comfy beds) so sometimes they will not be there to chat.  In these instances there will be an indicator showing they are not online.  Send us an email to and someone will get back to you in the morning.  You can also learn more HERE about buying a mattress directly online.

So go on – give us a try. Click on our Live Chat icon and start asking questions 🙂