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Need Good Value Beds?

Sound Asleep Technology produces good value beds.  They make these beds well and they have great features.  Most importantly they are comfortable.

Sound Asleep believes in the concept “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Attitude”.  Their mission is to provide you with a bed that will help you get your best night’s sleep.  They have been operating for more that 27 years and have perfected the art of making a comfortable bed.


What Makes Them Good Value Beds?

There are a few things that make these products good value beds.  They include:

  • Price.  You get more than what you paid for.
  • Quality materials. The components used in these beds are good quality.
  • Features. These beds offer support and comfort.

You get a well made bed that is comfortable and built to last when you buy one from the Sound Asleep range.


Bedworld Offers the Best Deals

Bedworld offers you the best deals on Sound Asleep Technology.   We have a number of good value beds from this supplier.  These are available in all sizes.  If you have a bed frame you can buy a Sound Asleep bed as a mattress only.

Beds from the Sound Asleep range include:

  • Sweet Dreams.  This is a double sided pillow top with a reinforced middle and side support.
  • Sleep Therapy. This bed has a box top comfort layer and offers good support.
  • Pocket Pedic Pillowtop.  A pocket spring bed with a luxury pillowtop for comfort and support.

The models available at Bedworld can be seen here. 


How You Can Get Great Value Beds at Bedworld

You can buy your bed from Bedworld  online.  We have a live chat function and you can speak directly to one of our consultants.  Our staff know beds and will help you find the right bed for you, within your budget.

You can also call us 011 791 4254 and purchase your bed that way.

And of course you can come into one of our stores too.  You’ll find them here.







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