Firm Mattress for Back Pain
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Firm Mattress for Back Pain?

Do you think you need a firm mattress for back pain?  A commonly held belief is that a harder mattress is better for your back.

This is not actually true. Read more about this here.

Why not a firm mattress for back pain?

A too firm bed could be putting pressure on key points of your body thereby actually creating pain.  The curves of your body require some give so that they spine can rest naturally.  When the mattress presses against key points of the body it puts your body out of natural alignment.  The hard surface pushes the shoulders and the hips upwards and this bends your spine.

The Right Support

It is important that your mattress provides proper support.  It should give you the right support at the key points of the body to keep the body in alignment.

The “engine” of the mattress provides this support.  This could be a speciality foam core, or it could be a spring system. A quality mattress will support your body properly.

The modern mattress gives you the right support.  The myth that you need a firm mattress for back pain probably comes from a time when a mattress would sag in the middle and did not provide support.

How Firm?

The top layers of a mattress determines how firm it is.  These layers sit on the core of the mattress and are made from different types of foam.  Luxury beds often have memory foam that conforms to the contours of your body.

The firmness of your mattress is your personal preference.  The most popular comfort is Medium-Firm.  The beds in hotels are normally Medium-Firm.

What beds are good for your back?

If you suffer from back pain you need a bed that provides proper support.  At Bedworld we have a number of Brands that are endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA).  These include Rest Assured, Cloud Nine and Restonic.

Let us help you find the right bed for your comfort preference and budget.  Speak to us on Live Chat on our website, or email us at  One of our consultants will help you choose the best bed for you.