Double Sided or No Turn Mattress
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Double Sided or No Turn Mattress?

What is the difference between a double sided and a no turn mattress?

When you buy a mattress you are faced with many choices. One of these is whether to buy one that is designed to be turned, and one that has a no-turn design. Let’s explain the difference between them.

Double Sided Mattress

A double sided mattress is designed to be turned. It will have an inner support core, the “engine” of the mattress. The “engine” could be specialty foam, springs or pocket springs. It will then have comfort layers on either side of this core.

A double sided mattress is more durable and will last longer than a no turn mattress. It has a larger sleeping surface as there are two sides that you can sleep on. The advantage of this is that one side is left to rest and resettle when the mattress has been turned. Hotels prefer double sided mattresses as they last longer and they are more hygienic. A double sided mattress will also last longer for heavier persons.

A double sided mattress must be turned regularly. Check what the correct turning schedule is for your mattress when you make your purchase. Some may need to be turned once a month; others every few months.

A double sided mattress will normally cost more than a no-turn design. This is because there will be more foam and comfort layers. You often need more than one person to turn the mattress because it can be heavy.

The Blue 50th from Cloud Nine and the Body Balance from Rest Assured are examples of  double sided mattresses.

No Turn Mattresses

A no turn mattress has all of its cushioning layers on only one side. The second side has minimal layers and is not suitable for sleeping on. This type of mattress normally has higher density foam that will resist indentation more. Popular choices of material include memory and latex foam. These types of foam bounce back to their original position when you remove weight.

A no turn mattress often has a more plush feel. It has the same inner support core as the double sided option, but then all the comfort layers are on one side. This type of design is all about convenience. The mattress is often heavy and you do not need to turn it. There is a caveat though. You should spin your mattress regularly, turning it 180′ so the head is now at the toe. This will ensure that the mattress wears evenly.

No turn mattresses are more commonly found than double sided, giving you many options to choose from. It will also cost less than its double sided counterpart. A no turn mattress will not last as long though and will eventually start to show body indentations.

The Pocket Premium from Bamboo Beds and the Deluxe from Henwood Bedding are examples of turn mattresses.

In a nutshell

Double sided
– must be turned regularly
– will last longer
– cost more

No turn
– convenient as you don’t need to turn (but please do spin)
– do not last as long
– cost less with more choices

With proper care, a mattress should last between 7 and 10 years.

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