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Double Beds For Sale

At Bedworld we have double beds for sale from leading brands and quality manufacturers.

Double Beds For Sale

Our online shop has a number of beds at discounts up to 35%.  This includes beds from Rest Assured, Cloud Nine and Restonic.  We also have specials on our Value Buys range and many more.  You can see all our beds on special here.

The double beds for sale are not to be missed!  It is a great time to buy a new bed.

What Size is a Double Bed

A double bed is 137cm wide and you can get them in standard and extra length.  Standard length is 188cm and Extra length is 200cm.  You can learn more about the length of beds here.

Although this bed is called a double, it is better for one person.  Two people can sleep on a double bed, and many do, but if you have enough space in the room and there are two of you, a queen is recommended.

A double bed is ideal for a teen.  Typical teens spend many hours in their bedrooms, lying on their beds, often on their phones.  The double gives them more room.

Why choose Bedworld?

We have a wide range to choose from at Bedworld giving you many choices.  There are beds to suit every budget, from our Value Buys range for when you have less to spend, to our top of the range beds.  Whatever you choose, you can count on a quality product.

Bedworld has been supplying beds to happy customers since 2003.  You can trust us to be there if you have a problem after your purchase.  All of our beds come with factory warrantees so, if you have a problem, you can contact us and we will arrange a factory representative to come to you to inspect your bed and propose a solution.

How can you buy?

To get your double beds for sale, you can come into one of our stores – you’ll find directions here.  You can also get the best deals on online at our online shop here.

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