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What is a double bed size?

Do you know what a double bed size is? When you go shopping for beds it helps to know what the sizes are so you get the right one for your needs.

What Size Is It?

The dimensions of a double bed are 137cm wide and 188cm long.  You can also get this size in extra length (XL) which is 200cm.

A double bed is ideally best for one person.  We think the name “double” is a bit of a misnomer.  You can fit two people on a double but it is squeeze and it doesn’t really provide enough room for undisturbed sleep for two.

It will we ok to have a double bed in your guest room – one or two nights for a couple is manageable – but for longer than that this size could start impacting their quality of sleep.

This bed size is the perfect dimension for a teenager as it gives them enough room to be comfortable.  Teens often spend a lot of time in their rooms on their beds, so this size is great for them. Many second or third bedrooms are quite small in modern homes, and this bed should not be too big to fit in the room.

Linen for a Double Bed Size

Double bed linen is commonly available at all your favourite stores.  You can get it in standard and extra length.

At Bedworld we prefer to use a queen size duvet on a double bed. This is a personal preference though as we like the duvet to hang a little further down on each side of the bed.  A double duvet is perfectly good.  What do you prefer?

Beds Available in Double

All beds are available in Double at Bedworld.  You can choose from our top selling Cloud Nine chiropractic mattresses, to our popular Restonics, or even one of our Value Buys.  Value Buys are a selection of quality beds at affordable prices- you can view them here.

In some of our brands and ranges, a Double XL bed is a special order.  This means that it is made to order and it will take between 7 to 10 days for delivery.  This is clearly marked in the product description for your convenience.

To learn more about all the bed sizes, read our handy guide to bed sizes here.


You can buy your double directly in our online shop, and we are available on Live Chat if you need any assistance.

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