Cloud Nine Beds in Centurion
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Cloud Nine Beds at Bedworld

If you need Cloud Nine beds in Centurion speak to us at Bedworld? We offer the full range of Cloud Nine products and can help you find the right one for your needs.

Cloud Nine Beds in Centurion

Bedworld has an online store as well as a branch in Randburg.  We are proud to supply this well loved brand.  Cloud Nine beds are made from specialty foam using the latest in technology.  Customers love Cloud Nine because:

  • they are comfortable and offer superior support
  • there are no moving parts with no transfer of partner movement
  • you get disturbance free sleep as there is no noise with movement
  • your bed is allergy free, non-toxic and hygienic
  • they are perfect for people with aching joints

Which Cloud Nine to choose?

Cloud Nine beds tend to be firmer than beds from other brands.  The softest in the Cloud Nine range is the Soft Dreams and it provides medium-firm support.  On the Bedworld Comfort Rating we rate it a 7 (1 being Extra Soft, 5 Medium, and 10 Extra Firm).

The firmest bed available is the Lodestar.  This is a heavy-duty chiropractic bed that provides Extra Firm support and has a rating of 10.

Comfort is a personal preference and our consultants will help you find the right Cloud Nine bed for your needs and budget.

Where to find us?

You’ll find us online 24/7 with a great range of Cloud Nine beds.  If you prefer to come in store, visit us in Randburg at the Homeworld Centre.

Check our Store Locator page with details and directions to all our store.

We always have great deals available.  For more information you can call our Sales Hot Line on 011 791 4254 or speak to us on Live Chat.