Chiropractic Beds

Chiropractic Beds

Chiropractic beds are the ideal solution if you suffer from back and neck pain. Even if you don’t, a chiropractic bed offers so many attractive benefits. A chiropractic or supportive mattress can help reduce spinal stress and the associated pain, as well as improve posture. When your posture is well supported when lying down, it can lead to better posture when standing too. Quality of sleep is also an important consideration, and a bed that offers better rest and comfort can help you carry the positive effects into your waking hours as well.

Find chiropractic beds at Bedworld

At Bedworld we stock a wide selection of chiropractic beds from leading brands such as Restonic, Rest Assured and Cloud Nine. These beds are endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and are designed and manufactured to exacting standards. Restonic beds, through their patented “Marvellous Middle” technology, provide additional lower back support and enhanced comfort. Their mattresses are inner spring mattresses encased with speciality foam for side support and stability. Cloud Nine beds provide stable spinal support, ideal for people with back problems. Their mattresses are hygienic, non-toxic and allergy free. They also come with a warranty of up to 25 years and a 2-year guarantee. Rest Assured beds use a heavy-duty spring system for better support and premium quality cushioning for better comfort. Comfort is key with this brand, and you are unlikely to find a more peaceful sleep on a Rest Assured bed. Some of the best chiropractic beds from these brands include:

  • From Restonic, the Relax Range: Recover, Restore, Rekindle, Rejuvenate and Reawaken
  • From Cloud Nine: Bambino, Dreamquilt Deluxe, Posture Foam Classic, Neuroflex Box-Top, Extreme Pillow-Top and Optimal Comfort Eurotop
  • From Rest Assured: Vito, York, St Andrews, Birkenhead and Eikendal

Get a good night’s rest for improved well-being

A good chiropractic bed can encourage healthier living and improve overall well-being, not only when sleeping but during the waking hours too. Thousands of South Africans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder; many of which are caused by less-than-optimal beds and the poor pressure and posture support they provide. To improve your sleep and gain all the benefits of a peaceful night, choose a chiropractic bed. Contact Bedworld for information about our chiropractic beds.

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