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Champagne Taste But Ginger Beer Money? Choose Green Coil

Heard of the Green Coil Cashmere Collection?

Sometimes luxury items we’d love to have are outside of our reach. But every now and then something comes along of exceptional value and quality.  The Green Coil Cashmere Collection is one of these things.

What makes the Green Coil Cashmere Collection special?

These luxury beds are engineered from the best quality components. The fabric used is made from the precious wool of the Cashmere goat.

Employing the latest in innovation and technology, these beds provide the ultimate sleep solution.
Green Coil is made under licence by a company operating in South Africa for more than 50 years. You can trust they will still be there in the future to honour the 2-year guarantee and 20-year warranty on the Cashmere Collection.

Why choose Green Coil?

Green Coil is a premium boutique mattress brand. As it is new in the market this brand is not yet widely known, however it shows all the hallmarks of being a leading brand of the future.

The beds made by Green Coil are very competitively priced. This manufacturer has priced their beds well below their value as a means of entering the market. You get much more than what you paid for when you buy one of their beds . Feature for feature, a Green Coil pocket spring bed is superior to many leading brands offered at the same price.

The Cashmere Range

Bedworld is proud to offer the Green Coil Cashmere Collection. This range is characterised by three things:

  1. The zoned pocketed spring mattress has a middle section that has been reinforced with heavier gauge wire. This is to provide extra stability and support to the hip area when lying down. This part of the body exerts the most pressure on the mattress and requires more support for your comfort and your health. The pocketed spring design also minismises the transfer of partner movement for undisturbed sleep.
  2. The beds in the Cashmere Collection are all covered in fabric made from the precious soft wool of the Cashmere goat. This imported luxurious fabric provides you with the ultimate luxury and comfort.
  3. Premium cushioning makes for luxurious support and comfort. The Forest is the most luxurous in the Cashmere Collection and has a combination of Latex-Flex and Chiro-Gel blue gel memory foam. The cushioning on the Granite is Latex-flex latex foam. Next is the Aqua with its Chiro-Gel blue gel memory foam. The Mist has a luxury layer of memory-snse memory foam. Finally, the Earth has support cell comfort layer cushioning.


Bedworld is confident in this product, and we know we can count on Green Coil to deliver a consistently excellent standard.

If you would like more information about Green Coil and any of its products please call on 011 791 4254.You can also email us at

To lie back and experience the luxury of a Green Coil, visit one of our showrooms in Boksburg or Randburg.

You can also buy directly online – find the Green Coil options here.  Delivery is R300 in the Gauteng area.