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Champagne Taste But Ginger Beer Money?

Heard of the Essential Sleep Hospitality Collection?

Sometimes luxury items we’d love to have are outside of our reach. But every now and then something comes along of exceptional value and quality.  The Essential Sleep Hospitality Collection is one of these things.

What makes the Essential Sleep Hospitality Collection special?

These luxury beds are made to the exacting standards demanded by the Hospitality industry.  They are made from the best quality components.

There are various options in this collection: traditional bonnel spring, pocket spring, and multi-layer foam.  These mattresses are also stylish with white jacquard fabric panels and borders, and grey upholstered base.

The beds in the Hospitality Collection are also double sided.  This means that there is double the sleeping surface.  With regular turning and rotation these mattresses will last very well.

Employing the latest in innovation and technology, these beds provide the ultimate sleep solution.
The Hospitality Collection beds also have a 15-year warranty.

Why choose the Essential Sleep Hospitality Collection?

The Hospitality Collection comprises premium hotel specification mattresses.

The beds are very competitively priced. You get much more than what you paid for when you buy a bed from this collection.  Feature for feature, the Hospitality Collection beds are is comparable to many leading brands.  When you have champagne taste, these are an affordable option.

The Collection

Bedworld is proud to offer the following in the Hospitality Collection:

  • Hospitality Bonnell Spring- high count bonnell spring bed – 120kg/person
  • Hospitality Foam 120 – rebond centre and high density foam comfort layers – 120kg/person
  • Hospitality Comfort Foam 140 – rebond centre with latex and supersoft foam comfort layers – 140kg/person
  • Hospitality Pocket- pocket spring bed with rebond foam – 130kg/person
  • Hospitality Pocket Firm – heavy duty pocket spring with supersoft foam – 150kg/person


Bedworld is confident in the Hospitality Collection , and we know we can count on Essential Sleep to deliver a consistently excellent standard.

If you would like more information about the Hospitality Collection please call on 011 791 4254.You can also email us at

You can also speak to us on Live Chat on our website.