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Buy a bed online…it’s child’s play!

Buy a bed online?

Online shopping is awesome. You can shop whenever you want. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home. And you can get the best deals.

But how do you choose the right bed? Surely you need to lie back and test the bed first?

If you consider the following however, you can choose the perfect bed for you without ever having tried it.  Here is what you need to know.


  1. Size

Start by choosing the size you want.   The bed should give you as much room as possible, but must also fit into the room. A single, three-quarter and double is best for 1 person. Two on a double is possible but will leave little room to move. A queen and a king size bed are made to be shared.

An extra length (XL) bed is 12 cm longer than a standard length, and measures 200cm. It can make all the difference to your comfort if you are a tall.

Size. Tick.


  1. Comfort

A hard mattress is not better for you, despite popular belief. You can read more about this here.

A good quality bed will provide the right support. The core of the bed is where the support comes from. From there you should choose the comfort level you like best. The most popular and widely chosen level of comfort is medium-firm. This is the comfort hotels choose for their beds.

Comfort. Tick.


  1. Spring or foam?

Foam is not an inferior product. You can read more about why a foam bed is a premium product here.

A good quality bed has a firm core. This could be springs or high-density foam. It will provide you with the support needed. The layers of cushioning on top provide you with your preferred comfort.

Maybe you slept a night on a foam mattress at a friend, and it was your best night’s sleep ever. Bedworld supplies premium quality foam mattresses from Cloud Nine.

A zoned pocket spring bed might be what you are after, a bed that minimises the transfer of movement from your partner. Try something from the exclusive Green Coil range.

Spring or Foam. Tick.


  1. Support according to your weight?

A mattress is designed to support persons up to a certain weight.   The right mattress for you and your partner is one designed for your weight.

For example, a Restonic Ortho Comfort is a heavy-duty bed designed for persons up to 140kgs. For a child a Cloud Nine Bambino, is perfect as it is designed for a sleeper up to 70kgs.

Choosing the correct bed for your weight will mean it provides good support and it will last.

Support. Tick.


  1. Brands

Decide if you want a particular brand. Bedworld sells leading brands you can trust. You can choose from Restonic, Cloud Nine, Green Coil, Rest Assured or Essential Sleep.

Brand. Tick.


  1. Main bedroom or spare bedroom?

If your new bed is for the main bedroom, choose the best you can afford. You spend a third of your day on your bed so you need the best quality possible. A spare room is not used as often, and a bed designed for a lighter person will suit a child.

Main or Spare? Tick.


  1. Price

How much do you want to spend? It is possible to get a good quality mattress at an affordable price.  At Bedworld you will also pay less for leading brands.

Spend as much as you can afford. A bed is an investment that can last you 7 to 10 years, and is used every day.

Price. Tick.


Buy a bed online at Bedworld

With these points in mind, you can buy a bed online without testing first. Bedworld has been providing the best deals to customers for 15 years. You can trust us with your online purchase.

In Gauteng buy a bed online from Bedworld for the best deal on a quality bed. It’s so easy it’s child play!

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