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Brands of Beds at Bedworld

Bedworld is proud to supply leading brands of beds from well known manufacturers.  We sell quality products made to high standards and all of them carry factory warrantees.

Brands of Beds at Bedworld

Here are some of the brands of beds we supply, in alphabetical order.

Cloud Nine

The Cloud Nine range of products are all multi-layered Viscous Elastic and Polyurethane foam products. In other words they are speciality foam beds. The highest quality standards are used in the manufacture of Cloud Nine products. Various quality control tests ensure that all Cloud Nine beds are perfectly made. Cloud Nine mattresses are great for back sufferers as they ensure stable spinal support. Because foam is completely stable once cured, a Cloud Nine mattress is hygienic and allergy free. There are no moving parts or rigid components in the mattress which may cause pressure points. With a Cloud NIne there is zero motion transfer between sleeping partners.

Cloud Nine is a wholly owned South African company that recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The Brand is endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and is approved by the South African Bureau of Standards. All Cloud Nine sets from Bedworld are sold with the genuine upholstered Cloud Nine Universal Base. We do not compromise the quality of your bed by combining your Cloud Nine mattress with an inferior base.

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Essential Sleep

Essential Sleep is a private collection developed exclusively for Bedworld. “Never compromise on quality”. This was the guiding principle for the development of this quality range. The vision for the collection was to build a bed that never comes back- a product of excellent quality that will ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. Essential Sleep comprises of a range of premium quality beds, without the big brand prices. These products are affordable without sacrificing quality.

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A Genessi bed has a unique combination of high density and speciality foams, giving it superior durability. The layering of different luxury foams in a Genessi bed ensures proper posture, maintaining the spine’s natural alignment. The body exerts pressure on a mattress but, as speciality foam moulds to the curves of the body, this results in a comfortable sleeping surface with no pressure points. There is no transfer of partner movement with a Genessi bed and this promotes disturbance free sleep, The foam also supports each individual person’s weight. The range is hygienic and allergy free.

Genessi is manufactured by KAP Integrated Bedding. It is the aim of KAP to be “the leading manufacturer of bedding related products and brands in Southern Africa by utilising world-class technology and expertise.” At Bedworld Genessi beds are made to order- for delivery please allow 7 to 10 working days from order.

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Green Coil

Green Coil is a premium boutique mattress brand. As it is new in the market this brand is not yet widely known, however it shows all the hallmarks of being a leading brand of the future. The beds in the Green Coil range are very competitively priced. This Brand has priced their beds well below their value as a means of entering the market. You get much more than what you paid for when you buy a Green Coil. Feature for feature, a Green Coil pocket spring bed is superior to many leading brands offered at the same price.

Green Coil is made under licence by KAP Integrated Bedding, the largest manufacturer of beds in the Southern Hemisphere. Employing the latest in innovation and technology, these beds provide the ultimate sleep solution. At Bedworld Green Coil beds are made to order- for delivery please allow 10 working days from order.

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Rest Assured

Rest Assured beds are manufactured from high quality components to ensure durability. They are designed to give you maximum comfort and support, at a price you can afford. A Rest Assured bed has a heavy duty spring system for better support with premium quality cushioning for comfort. It lives up to the claim “so comfortable you can’t help falling asleep”.

All Rest Assured beds are endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa. Rest Assured began manufacturing in the Cape Province in 1979, and in 2019 celebrates its 40th Ruby Anniversary. It is important to Rest Assured to maintain its reputation as a brand that South Africans can love and trust.

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Restonic is a leading brand in the South African market and is known as the mattress with the “Marvellous Middle®”. These mattresses have a no-turn design and offer features such as side support to keep the shape of the mattress, and luxury bamboo fabric covering. The range offers a variety of options including pocket springs, pillow-tops, Euro-tops, and latex foam to name a few. Restonic beds are manufactured to exacting standards and only high quality components are used. This well-loved brand offers comfort, support and durability and Restonic beds are endorsed by CASA (Chiropractic Association of South Africa).

Restonic is manufactured by South Africa’s biggest bedding manufacturer, KAP Integrated Bedding. This manufacturer has been supporting dreams since 1938, and is one of South Africa’s most trusted brands of beds. Some models in the Bedworld Restonic range are made to order- for delivery please allow 7 to 10 working days from order.

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Value Buys

“Value Buys” is a set of quality products that have been carefully curated by Bedworld. These are good value options that enable you to buy affordable beds and accessories, without sacrificing quality. Bedworld has collaborated with a range of reputable manufacturers to ensure you get good quality products you can trust. The Value Buys ranges offers something for every budget.

Bedworld recommends that you buy the best bed you can afford as you use your bed 8 hours every day. With Value Buys you pay less AND get a quality product.

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These are some of the brands of beds at Bedworld.  Speak to us on Live Chat if you need anymore information, or send us an email to