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Best Pillows in South Africa?

The best pillows in South Africa provide proper support for your neck and shoulders.  A good pillow really makes a difference to your comfort.

Are you one of those people that take your own pillow when you go away? For some it is not worth the risk of having an uncomfortable pillow and waking up with a crick in the neck.

Features of the best pillows in South Africa

Bedworld believes that some of the features of a great pillow are:

  • hygienic and won’t set off your allergies
  • pillow aligns the spine
  • neck and shoulders properly supported
  • promotes good sleeping posture
  • durable and keeps its shape
  • provides a cool and luxurious sleeping surface, and
  • comfortable for you

The last point is important.  The best pillows in South Africa are the ones that are comfortable for you.

Types of Pillows

There are many different types of pillows made with different materials and fillers.  These include down or feather pillows, synthetic polyester, latex, memory foam and more.

At Bedworld Online we supply latex pillows and memory foam.

Nature’s Own Latex Pillows

These are standard size pillows and are manufactured from chipped latex.  They are hypo-allergenic and especially good for those prone to allergies.  Nature’s Own Latex Pillows offer healthy support and relieve stress on your neck and spine.  They carry a five year factory guarantee and are durable.  You can buy your Nature’s Own Latex Pillows here.

Memory Foam Pillows

At Bedworld we supply memory foam pillows from Cloud Nine.  These come in two options- conventional and profile.  The profile pillow is shaped to support the neck and spine.

These Memo-Flex pillows offer stable sleeping support and promote good posture.  They are soft and breathable and provide a cool sleeping surface.

The Memo-Flex Conventional Pillow is available here, or select here for the Profile Pillow.


A pillow is a personal choice but make sure yours is giving the right support for a healthy night’s sleep.  For more info chat to us on Live Chat on our website, or send an email to