best mattress for a good price
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Best mattress for a good price

South Africans love bargains and we are often asked for the best mattress for a good price.

Nobody wants to compromise on quality when it comes to buying a mattress.  You spend an average of 8 hours a day on your bed so it needs to support you properly, and it also needs to last.  Our customers are looking to make their money go further, and that is why they buy from Bedworld.  Our branded beds are very well priced and you will pay less when you get them from us.

We have also curated a selection of beds we call Value Buys.  These are quality mattresses at affordable prices.  The Value Buys range has options on entry level beds all the way through to top of range luxury choices.  They are manufactured by local companies we trust, and give you more than what you paid for. You can see our selection here.

Best mattress for a good price

At Bedworld you will get a good price on all of our products.  We don’t sell cheap beds; we sell quality beds at affordable prices.

Every month we offer some specials to our customers.  You will find our current great deals here.

How to choose

When you choose a mattress you should take a few things into consideration.  Obviously your budget is important and you should know how much you would like to spend.

Consider the size bed you want.  We recommend a queen or a king for two people.  A double is better for a teenager than a couple, unless it’s for a spare room when two will only sleep on it occasionally.  Think about whether you would like standard length (188cm) or extra length (200cm).  If you are tall those extra few centimetres make all the difference

The bed you choose should be suitable for the weight of those sleeping on it.  Each mattress is designed to support a certain weight.  If you are heavier than that, the bed will not provide proper support and it will not last.

Also think about what comfort preference you like.  The most popular choice is Medium-Firm and this is the comfort level chosen by Hotels.  Some prefer a Firm bed, or even Plush.

If you are finding it difficult to choose the right option for you, speak to us on Live Chat and we will assist.  We have been in the bedding industry for more than 25 years and we will help you choose the right bed for your needs and your budget. You can also send us an email to


Think Bedworld when you are looking for the best mattress for a good price.  We are ready to help you.